American Hot Pizza Pie

American Hot Pizza Pie

In a previous post I wrote about Jamie Oliver’s latest book – “Save with Jamie: Shop Smart, Cook Clever, Waste Less” and today I tested another recipe from the book. You can read the complete book review here. The recipe I followed was the American Hot Pizza Pie which can be made using the pork leftovers from a pork roast (the mothership recipe as Jamie calls it) or using good quality sausages. I had some homemade super tasty sausages made by my in-laws so I decided to use those. The … [Read more...]

College Cooks: Simple ingredients, easy recipes, good tasting food Book Review

College Cooks: Simple ingredients, easy recipes, good tasting food

Recently I received a new book to review. It is called “College Cooks: Simple ingredients, easy recipes, good tasting food” and it was written by 6 college cooks – Taylor, Kevin, Cory, Kirk, Andy, and Alex. Those six boys were roommates and students at the University of Colorado at Boulder. They live together for 3 years and in this time they tried and tested the recipes which are now include in the “College Cooks” book. What is the “College Cooks” book about This cookbook contains … [Read more...]

Pasta and Walnut Pesto

pasta and walnut pesto 2

I was in a mood for pastas. I had only a few minutes to cook today and I opted for something fast to prepare: pasta with pesto. I did not have any pine nuts so I decided to replace them with walnuts. So this is not a classic pesto. It is my interpretation of a pesto customized to my taste buds. It is not the prettiest dish I made but it tasted good. To make it taste great use the best extra virgin olive oil you can find, a good quality Parmesan, and fresh walnuts (ideally you should buy … [Read more...]

Jamie Oliver’s Save with Jamie: Shop Smart, Cook Clever, Waste Less Book Review

Save with Jamie: Shop Smart, Cook Clever, Waste Less

The idea behind this book Jamie Oliver abandoned the "quick and easy" trend. In the last months I cooked using some of the recipes from his  book and from . The recipes from 15 minute meals require a lot of things which are already prepared like canned beans, tomatoes, pickles and so on. Even if Jamie used a lot of shortcuts he was still cooking. (I have to be honest you can’t expect to cook several dishes in 15 minutes without using shortcuts; if you want a real meal you must invest some … [Read more...]

Gourmet Gifts for Christmas

Gourmet Gifts for Christmas

I just received a copy of the book called “Gourmet Gifts for Christmas” by Karon Grieve. It is a short book with gourmet gift ideas and recipes.  I won the book by participating to the Gourmet Gifts for Christmas Giveaway. I quickly read a few recipes and I will try some of them soon. I was attracted by the apricot and cranberry relish, lemon oil (for salads), fruit and nut slice and lazy days tea. Inside the book you can find recipes for all sorts of gourmet foods and drinks which can be … [Read more...]

Chicken, Bacon & Leek Casserole

Chicken, Bacon & Leek Casserole

I’m always looking for new and exciting recipes. Usually I look for the recipes in my cookbooks (I have over 200 physical cookbooks and over 2,400 eBooks on my tablet) but from time to time I scan the blogosphere and try new recipes. My latest discovery was this Chicken, Bacon & Leek Casserole recipe. I followed Marie’s recipe and got a tasty main curse for lunch. The chicken was tender, the smoked bacon offered a lot of flavor and the leeks brought a nice sweetness. … [Read more...]

Party Food: Prosciutto, Pepper and Mozzarella Ciabatta Mini Pizzas

Prosciutto, Pepper and Mozzarella Ciabatta Mini Pizzas

Yesterday some of my friends came over to chat a little bit. Like always when I have time I prepare a treat for family and friends and yesterday I opted for some quick to make mini pizzas. The mini pizzas look good and are a proper party food. I didn’t had a lot of time for cooking therefore I decided to make Ciabatta based mini pizzas. The biggest time consuming task when making pizza is preparing the dough. I prefer to make my own dough whenever I can but sometimes this is not an option … [Read more...]

Free Permaculture and Ecology EBooks

Green Shopping UK

I'm  trying to be more eco-friendly and the first step is to get the right information. The internet is a great help, but there are so many websites on this subject and often things get overwhelming and confusing. I was looking for green lifestyle books and I just found a great resource from where you can get free permaculture and ecology eBooks. Yes, these are totally free and if you own a gadget such as a tablet or an eBook reader you can read them without printing the books on paper (we … [Read more...]

The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals by Michael Pollan – Book Review

The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals

Food is my passion and I am always trying to find out more about this subject and to learn about the ingredients I use in my kitchen. The first book I read written by Michael Pollan was “In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto” which is now one of my favorite books.  I wrote a short review about the book on Amazon. You can read it here. Soon after I finished reading “In Defense of Food” I looked for other books written by Pollan and I stumbled upon the “The Omnivore's Dilemma”. It is an … [Read more...]

My Version Of Leeks In Olive Oil (Zeytinyagli Pirasa)

Leeks in Olive Oil (Zeytinyagli Pirasa)

I like to go to the market from time to time and see what is in season. Now it is nearly winter and the market is filled with carrots, leeks, cauliflower, potatoes and cabbage.  I haven’t eaten leeks in while and I remembered a dish I enjoy called zeytinyagli pirasa (leeks in olive oil) so I took a bunch of leeks (5 small ones, roughly 1 lb|500 g) and a few carrots and I went home. When I visited Turkey I bought a small Turkish cookbook called “Turkish Cookery”. I don’t know how traditional … [Read more...]